Sunday, June 23, 2013

Social media is an interesting thing when you really think about it. We can find people we've lost over the years and through taking different journeys in this crazy thing called life. It's amazing how "connected" you can be with to so many people through pictures and posts, but physically be miles apart. In a way it's as if you are a part of each other's lives. 

On the flip side of that is what you see which is an edited version of everyone's lives. Sometimes I look around and all I see are how adventurous, romantic, perfect lives these people have which makes me feel like I'm missing out right? All these amazing pictures of trips and how wonderful someone's significant other is  and then there's my life. You know the one of a single momma who struggles financially, who does her best to keep up with a 9 year old's school work, sports, a full time job, and goes to school at night?  The one who stays busy with a crazy schedule all the time and is exhausted on most days. When it does slow down a little in the summer I have no idea what to do with myself or time b/c I do busy really well. Why do I do busy well? Well simply b/c as long as I'm busy then I'm not completely alone with my thoughts. So it's really easy for me to look at these other people and their lives and daydream. Now do not get me wrong I love my life b/c I love my son with every part of my being. He is my world and although it's hard I wouldn't trade him or choose differently for another version of my life if he wasn't in it. He is worth all of my struggles. 

When I really think though as I glimpse into other people's lives through their posts I have to remind myself that most will not post all over the internet the struggles/imperfections of their lives. Who wants to post publicly the whole picture of their reality? Who wants to be completely and utterly vulnerable to outsiders? So the majority will paint only a portion of the real picture.  It's sometimes hard not to compare myself to others and figure out how I measure up. At the end of the day I can only do my best and give it my all for me and my little bug. 

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